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Awesome Health Reminder Magnets: Lockers, Fridge. Variety pack of magnets contains everyone's favourite Vegetables, Fruits, Juice, Shakes, & Quotes. This collection of refrigerator magnets becomes the reminders & motivators towards driving ourselves on Eat Right self goal.

    Features & details
  • Size : 4 x 3 cms to inches; Material : SILICON Back – Magnet Sticker
  • The magnet on the back of the product is smooth and does not lead to any scratches.
  • Also Ideal for holding sheets of printer paper, notes, photos on whiteboards; refrigerator, bulletin boards, magnetic maps, calendars, lockers, filing cabinets and other magnetic surfaces.
  • Cute and fashionable fridge magnets, good looking and eye-catching.
  • Colorful as perfect gift for kids, teens, and adults.

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